Who is

Gottschalk Electric?

Luca Gottschalk is the founder of Gottschalk Electric what was established in 2022. He is a German Meister (Master) Electrician based in Helsinki area and has over 10 years of expertise in the Electrical Business.

We as an Electrical Installation company are TUKES S1 Certified (Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency) and authorized to work and supervise on all domestic, commercial and industrial electric sites. We offer all kinds of Electrical Services.

The Story.

2011 it all started when Luca first stepped into the electric world. From that moment on he started to grow his passion about the various electrical systems. He knew straight away, after he finished his education, that there is still something left in him, what wanted to grasp after more knowledge about all the electrical systems. 

So he decided to extend his knowledge and visited the so called “Meisterschule” (Master school) in Germany. It didn’t took very long since the completion of his master school, that he had the courage to do the step into the self-employment business. 

2018 he started his first electrical business Gottschalk Elektrotechnik in a small german city called Melle. Luca was running it very much successfully, since the customers were very pleased with his quality of work and with the customer-centred service.

2020 he officially moved to Finland where he now found his place in Tuusula. After some time, in 2022, he got the courage to start all over again in a completely new country and established his second electrical company Gottschalk Electric!